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Expressive use of tempo changes

There are two fundamental components of music. Rhythm, and pitch. In this lesson, we are going to look at how changing the rhythmic element in a piece can be expressive. Before you go a changin’… [...]

Thumb Rest Stroke and Flesh Stroke

In level 1, we looked at the basic thumb free stroke on the classical guitar and how it is rather unique compared the other fingers. In this level we are going to add two very [...]

Sydney Summer School

After a very long flight (via Beijing) I am down in Sydney, Australia and we are ready to start the Sydney Classical Guitar Summer School tomorrow. The teachers include Tim Kain, John Couch, Giusseppe Zangari, [...]

Simon’s update Dec 2014

Good grief, the last time I wrote a personal update was way back in August. There has been a lot going on since then and I will do my best to be succinct! In October [...]

L206 Arpeggios 2

Arpeggios level 2 In L109 we took a first look at playing arpeggios and we kept them in one position. We played those arpeggios by holding down a chord in the left hand and playing each [...]

L317 The CAGED System on guitar

The guitar fretboard is hard to decipher. It seems to have little rhyme or reason to where the notes are placed and therefore learning the notes (and the alternate places to play the same notes) [...]

The best classical guitar teacher?

by Simon Powis Common advice to a beginner classical guitarist is to find yourself the best classical guitar teacher available, but what exactly makes a good teacher? Furthermore, how do you know if you are [...]

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