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A lover of music and a passionate educator, Simon Powis has a doctorate from Yale University in Classical Guitar Performance and continues to perform internationally. Simon leads a global community of musicians to hone their craft and share it with others.

CGC 040 : Guitar Ensemble Basics

Janet Agostino helped a lot of people with her podcast (CGC 019) on learning classical guitar and she is back to discuss ensemble work with classical guitar. Janet and [...]

CGC 039 : Stephen Goss

Stephen Goss and I happened to be staying at the same hotel at this year's GFA convention in Denver. So, I jumped on the chance to sit down and [...]

Silent Night Challenge

Its been a wonderful year at Classical Guitar Corner and this really is a great way to wrap it up. We have guitarists from all over the world who [...]

Recordings of the Old Masters

Listening, and in some cases, watching recordings of the old masters that have provided us with so much music and guidance can be very inspirational. It can also give us [...]

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