About Simon

A lover of music and a passionate educator, Simon Powis has a doctorate from Yale University in Classical Guitar Performance and continues to perform internationally. Simon leads a global community of musicians to hone their craft and share it with others.

15 Minute Rhythm Workshop


Rhythm is arguably the most important component of music. It should stand to reason, then, that we should aspire to master rhythm before all else. As a classical guitarist, [...]

CGC LIVE : Summer School 2017


CGC Summer School Class of 2017 The participants of the CGC Summer School came from far and wide. There were guitarists from India, Germany, Australia, Mexico, the United [...]

CGC 047: Louis Trépanier


Louis Trépanier is a Canadian guitarist (hailing from Ottawa) and a member of the Canadian Guitar Quartet who is the Coordinator of the Guitar Sector at the University of [...]

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