About Simon

A lover of music and a passionate educator, Simon Powis has a doctorate from Yale University in Classical Guitar Performance and continues to perform internationally. Simon leads a global community of musicians to hone their craft and share it with others.

CGC 045 : Andrew York


Andrew York is one of today's most recognized and accomplished composers for the classical guitar and he is an internationally renowned concert performer. York is one of the founding [...]

CGC 044 : Alvaro Pierri


Álvaro Pierri, born into a musical family in Montevideo, Uruguay, is one of the greatest and most accomplished guitarists of his generation. His early musical education was at the [...]

Villa Lobos Prelude 1 Lesson


Prelude Number 1 by Heitor Villa Lobos is one of the great works composed for classical guitar. From its full sounding resonance to the cello-like melody, this piece has [...]

CGC 039 : Stephen Goss


Stephen Goss and I happened to be staying at the same hotel at this year's GFA convention in Denver. So, I jumped on the chance to sit down and [...]

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