Level 1

Identify chords in your music

Finding chords in pieces - C G, G7 D7 Chords are one of the brilliant things on the guitar that makes it so popular. Chords are pretty easy to get up and running, and with [...]

Free Stroke Technique

Free stroke, also known as tirando, is the most commonly used stroke in classical guitar technique. It can produce a variety of sounds and dynamics, while using very little energy from the right hand. Tirando [...]

Basic chord theory on the guitar

Harmony is the language of musical relationships. When you feel a yearning in music, that is the harmony, when you hear a build of tension in music, that is the harmony, and when you feel [...]

How to Practice Scales

Synthesis For all of the lessons here in the Level 1 course, scales provide the most efficient synthesis of technique. You are going to have to use right hand positioning, nail shape and stroke, left [...]

G major and F major scales

Ok, so you have learned the scale in C, now it is time to start playing scales with sharps and flats in them. When you see a # sign next to a note, is simply means [...]

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