Level 2

Carulli Duet in G

This a particularly beautiful duet by Carulli and a little preview of the Notation and Sight Reading course for Level 2. Each part here is at mm. 74 so it will certainly be a sight [...]

Expressive use of tempo changes

There are two fundamental components of music. Rhythm, and pitch. In this lesson, we are going to look at how changing the rhythmic element in a piece can be expressive. Before you go a changin’… [...]

Thumb Rest Stroke and Flesh Stroke

In level 1, we looked at the basic thumb free stroke on the classical guitar and how it is rather unique compared the other fingers. In this level we are going to add two very [...]

L206 Arpeggios 2

Arpeggios level 2 In L109 we took a first look at playing arpeggios and we kept them in one position. We played those arpeggios by holding down a chord in the left hand and playing each [...]


Harmonics are great, no two ways about it. They exist at nodal points on the guitar and sound like little diamonds sparkling from the instrument. They often capture the imagination of the audience leaving them [...]

Chords 2: Inversions

For some reason, classical guitarists, more than any other genre of guitar, think of chords in root position. Root position means that the root note (or tonic) of the chord is the lowest pitch of [...]

The Barre

The barre is a tricky technique to master in the beginner stages. Patience and perseverance will get you a long way, and know that you will be able to play barres if you give it [...]

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