Level 3

Scales in Thirds, Sixths and Octaves

More often than not we work on scales using one note at a time. These scales offer a good apparatus to practice a variety of techniques and help us understand the fingerboard. Now, we will [...]

L302 Developing Speed

Developing speed on the classical guitar is a very big focus for a lot of people. Which is kind of strange seeing as the majority of pieces are not really that fast. To be sure [...]

L317 The CAGED System on guitar

The guitar fretboard is hard to decipher. It seems to have little rhyme or reason to where the notes are placed and therefore learning the notes (and the alternate places to play the same notes) [...]

L312 Phrasing 3: Thinking Horizontally

Thinking horizontally is something that doesn’t come very naturally to guitarists. But working on horizontal phrasing is the key to playing long beautiful melodies. First let me clarify what I mean by the term ‘horizontal’. [...]

L303 Left Hand Preparation

Left hand preparation improves legato playing and will help to make rhythms smooth and exact. If you have ever had a chance to watch a master guitarist’s hands close up, you may have noticed that [...]

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