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Who is it for?

This course is for you if you have just picked up the guitar and you are starting from the very beginning. If you have some technical issues and your technique was never set up properly you may also benefit from this course. I will take you through important fundamental aspects of guitar playing such as:

  • The right hand position
  • The left hand position
  • Playing in the first position
  • Playing your first melody, chords and progression
  • Rhythmic subdivision
  • Relaxation of the hands
  • Much much more!


There are thirteen videos in total and over an hour and a half of material. Having taught many students over the past ten years I would say that these video lessons cover the materials that I would work on in the first six weeks of development. That means this course has six weeks of lesson value at a fraction of the cost.

Reviews from students:

Have now finished viewing the whole fundamentals course. Brilliant ! I think that all the lessons are really good and are well structured. Perfect for the beginner like me ! I’m sure I can now make some good progress….

– Geoff

FINALLY found what I,ve been look for,A classical guitar site that starts with the raw basics and progresses through to more complex stages .Your approach to teaching is clear and concise and easy to understand.I am self taught and have been playing the classical guitar for some years now and I have often wondered if I am developing any bad habits.After watching these videos ,I am prepared to start from scratch and to reexamine my Technic. Congratulations to all who conspired to put this coarse together on a well filmed coarse and presented site .Living in a regional area of the south coast of eastern AUSTRALIA anyone interested in learning how to play the classical guitar does not have the opportunity to get lessons from a professional classical tutor as yourself,so this is like a breath of fresh air. Once again…THANKYOU..

– Les

Excellent beginner course. Sufficient material was covered to equal or surpass at least four 1-hour private lessons.

– Rory

Thank you Simon for producing this excellent course. I have just bought my first second hand guitar and am so happy with the progress I have made already with the help of your lessons.

– Lindsey

Well done, l love your video lessons they are the best.

– Jacob

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