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“A structured curriculum, a dedicated teacher, and a community of supportive guitarists to help you improve.”

Serving the adult amateur

for love of the craft/

The Classical Guitar Corner Academy serves adult amateur guitarists by providing them with the highest quality education available.

It is an opportunity for you to access a world class education from your home and join a vibrant community of guitarists who are studying the classical guitar alongside you.

The Academy caters for absolute beginners, intermediate players, and also advanced players. You will have the opportunity to get personal feedback, undertake certificate exams, post performances, and join meetups with other members. At any time, you can access the comprehensive curriculum which has already helped thousands of guitarists achieve their musical goals.

Guitarists who study here are fun, dedicated, supportive, and friendly. We celebrate small victories like your first performance (no matter what it sounds like!), and large ones like being awarded a CGC certificate.

This is a wonderful place to study, and it gets results.

Meet your teacher, Dr. Simon Powis

Simon Powis
I am a guitarist just like you and I am excited to share my knowledge and experience. I was awarded a doctorate from Yale University, performed in Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, taught in international universities and masterclasses and I maintain an active performance career. I say this only to convey that I have passion for both performance and education and through this site I have been privileged to help hundreds of guitarists like you to improve their playing.


BenVerderySimon Powis is the rare combination of a virtuoso guitarist and a thoughtful, forward thinking pedagogue. – Ben Verdery, Yale University.


huff-postSimon displayed outstanding sensitivity and a musical maturity that was worthy of any professional concert platform. – Huffington Post

“Although he has performed, taught and given master classes all over the world, the talented and personable guitarist is perhaps most widely known these days for his highly regarded online classical guitar pedagogy: Classical Guitar Corner.”
– Classical Guitar Magazine

How it works.

Everything you need, in one place.

As a member of Classical Guitar Corner you will have access to an incredible suite of learning tools. From robust technique courses to video tutorials on a specific piece of music, you will be amazed at the amount and quality of material available to you.

To guide you through the lessons you will be using step-by-step curriculum that is structured and goal oriented. There are five levels (Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) that take you from complete beginner material through to intermediate and advanced lessons.

5 Levels For You To Progress

The Fundamentals Course prepares the absolute beginner to start studying with correct technique, posture, and a working knowledge of the guitar. It is a quick course that will get you started and playing within a short period of time. No prior experience is needed with guitar or music.

The Level 1 Courses cover core techniques that are used in classical guitar playing. Techniques such as free stroke, rest stroke, arpeggios, and nail shaping are all covered. In addition to technique you will learn how to read music, get and introduction to music theory, musicianship, and sight reading.

Repertoire has been carefully selected to help you progress without frustration. You will have lessons for all of the repertoire in level one and even duets to further use your new found skills.

Should you want to take a certificate course, there are two opportunities to submit an an exam in level 1. From these submissions you will receive personal feedback, guidance, and a certificate to mark your achievement.

Level 2 picks up where level 1 left off and continues in a progressive and structured fashion. You will find the same comprehensive approach which includes technique, repertoire, duets, sight reading, theory, musicianship, and analysis.

The repertoire continues to progress steadily in difficulty in Level 2 lessons are provided to accompany all pieces.

Level 3 is for the intermediate guitarist and includes repertoire from Bach, Tarrega, Giuliani, Carcassi and more.

Courses are available in all core areas of study: Technique, Musicianship, Notation, Sight Reading, Theory, Analysis, Duets

Level 4 incorporates some advanced techniques and true masterpieces of the repertoire. Examples include: Bach Allemande BWV 996, Bach Prelude from Cello Suite No.1 BWV 1007, Scarlatti sonantas, Giuliani etudes, Legnani and more.

You will find advanced courses on rasgueado technique, and in depth workshops from Ben Verdery, Gohar Vardanyan, Fred Hand and other teachers.

Catering for the Advanced guitarist with several years of experience and a true development of classical guitar technique, Level 5 primarily focuses on repertoire. The lessons at this level are in depth and extensive. Repertoire includes Recuerdos de la Alhambra, Capricho Arabe, Villa Lobos Prelude No.1, Julia Florida.

Certificate Courses

Annual members can take advantage of the Certificate Courses. These courses walk you through step by step, lesson by lesson through the entire curriculum. At the end of the course you can submit your playing to receive a certificate of completion. A wonderful way to set goals and map your progress.

Learn To Read Music and Sight Read

If you are new to notation, that is no problem. There are specific courses that will teach you how to read music at a steady pace. Each level aligns perfectly with the repertoire so you can put your reading skills to use straight away.

Sight reading is also a key focus at the Academy because it allows you to learn and play music with confidence and speed. You will have access to graded sets of sight reading challenges that will keep you entertained and challenged as you progress.

The Masterclass Series

I have invited some of my colleagues to conduct masterclasses just for the CGC members. These in-depth masterclasses focus on repertoire and their associated techniques. The pieces chosen are from Level 3 through 5 and represent and intermediate to advanced level. Current masterclasses include Gohar Vardanyan teaching Recuerdos de la Alhambra and Kevin Gallagher teaching Llobet’s El Testament D’Amelia.

Live Coaching

All members are welcome to participate and or watch our live coaching sessions. These range from student performances with feedback, to practice advice, to group technique workshops, to general Q&A sessions.

These live sessions are easy to set up (just like Skype only better!) and provide a wonderful sense of community amongst members.

Course Books

As an Annual Member you will have access to all of the course books that are normally available for purchase in the online store. You can download the books as you need them and you will find they are an invaluable resource to your studies.

Technical Routines, Repertoire Books, Scales Sets, Giuliani Right Hand Studies… they are all included in your Annual Membership.

Summer School

Each year the students of CGC have the opportunity to attend an international gathering of guitarists near Boston USA. This weeklong event brings in master teachers and provides a fun relaxed environment for students to hone their performance skills, knowledge, and ensemble skills. The Summer School runs in June each year and is a ton of fun!

See the results for yourself



“Finding this site has been one of the great joys in my life.”

Above are two videos submitted by an Annual Member at CGC, Barry. They are the same piece, the same guitar, and the same player 11 months apart. You will notice that not only is the speed and control further developed, the left hand technique is much more secure, the right hand tone is more consistent, and overall the performance is more musical.

Barry has taken advantage of the live seminars, regularly posts videos in the forum, and receives helpful feedback from Simon, the CGC team and the other students. He is a great example of what can be done with the membership at Classical Guitar Corner.

Watch members describe the Academy in their own words

“I appreciate the possibility of posting something you are working on and getting feedback from people”
“I would highly recommend this site to anyone who is approaching guitar as a beginner, intermediate, or even advanced player.”
“A well thought out, well planned, curriculum makes it easier for me to organize my practice time, because it is very limited”
“Simon has a structure that brings students up to a level they never thought they would achieve.”
“I’m having a phenomenal time and I cannot recommend it enough anyone”
“There’s a way for each player to learn something and gain confidence”
I hope that you will please excuse me, as I am still getting over the shock of the amazing quality of this site, our teacher and all of you! I looked at the free lessons skeptically and then joined for just a month (because what could that hurt really)….but honestly I was prepared for the experience to be an utter waste of time and money. I could not have been more WRONG. – Cheryl Ann (posted in the CGC Forum)
I was never taught how to practice and this is making a huge difference.– Paul
CGC Member 2I’ve seen a lot of change in guitar pedagogy in my life and I think that the clarity of your teaching as well as your expert use of technology provides enormous value to guitar students at all levels. – Lou
CGC Member 3I am now 56 years young and it took a lot of trial and error trying to learn on my own and jumping from one you tube channel to the next without any clear path for progression until I came upon Classical Guitar Corner! – Chris

Two Types of Membership

There are two types of membership: Monthly and Annual. Both memberships get full access to the core curriculum, community forum and live teaching sessions.

Annual members receive three important bonuses in their membership:

  • All course books are included in their membership
  • Access to the Masterclass Series
  • Access to the certificate courses

As an Annual member you save $203 in membership fees and get all of the bonus material.

Membership Includes:

  • All Courses

  • Live Coaching

  • Forum Access

Plus Annual Member Bonus Features:

  • All Course Books (over $100 value)

  • All Masterclasses from Guest Teachers

  • Certificate Courses with Personal Feedback

It’s really simple…

We put our heart and soul into this school and we are confident you are going to enjoy being a member. If you find that this site is not for you, you can let us know within thirty days of signing up, and we will give you a full refund. This guarantee means there is no risk in signing up and every reason to become a member right now.

Choose your membership below.

Find out why over 700 guitarists call CGC home…

Choose your membership below, and get instant access.

Monthly Membership

$50per month
  • All Level Courses
  • Forum Access
  • Live Coaching Sessions
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A

Annual Membership

$397per year
  • All Level Courses
  • Forum Access
  • Live Coaching Sessions
  • Guest Masterclasses
  • Certificate Courses
  • All Course Books Included
  • Save $203

P.S. YES this membership caters for complete beginners.



The Notation & Sight Reading Course for Level 1 is included in all of the memberships. This course takes you from the very beginning and guides you through step by step to reading your first guitar pieces.

Yes, absolutely! The courses start from the very, very beginning. You will learn how to hold the guitar, how to tune, and also how to read music without any prior knowledge.

You might be surprised to know that while members at CGC are both young and old the majority of members are 40+. We even have some members who are well into their 80’s and are making great progress. All are welcome here at Classical Guitar Corner.

I would recommend either the annual or monthly membership for you as you will likely need to access a wide range of lessons. As you have already played guitar before you will have skills in some areas but other areas that need improvement. Having access to the entire curriculum with be the best way to “fill in the gaps” You can still progress in a structured manner but you can skip parts you don’t need.
This site is for you. I am quite passionate about teaching dedicated amateur guitarists because I believe that music has a wonderful effect on quality of life. It can bring joy, passion, goals, and focus along with a skill that you can share with others. I believe the dedicated amateur will get the most out of this site with its supportive and motivating atmosphere. You are certainly not alone here at CGC!
The Annual Membership includes all of the course books you need and are available to download on your account page.
The memberships at CGC are never discounted, nor are there sales on the prices.

There are two reasons for this:

#1 I want to be fair to paying members of CGC
#2 I believe the membership rates are already representing exceptional value. The equivalent cost in private one-to-one lessons would be well into the thousands each year and there simply isn’t a price you can put on the quality of the materials and the community on this site.

It is quite simple, if you are not satisfied with the membership I will give you your money back. I am very confident in the quality of these courses and lessons so I am happy to offer this assurance.
The materials in the membership provide years of study and they go up to an intermediate level. Intermediate/Advanced (level 4) courses are in production and will be added to your membership as they come out.


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