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Left Hand Warmup

This set of fingerings is a great template to use with left hand warm up exercises. I say template because there are tons of ways you can add extra [...]

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On Making Mistakes

Wouldn’t life be boring if everything were perfect?   I am not going to waste my time preaching that making mistakes is OK and that too many classical musicians [...]

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Metronome Technique

When I was in my teenage years I built up quite a large collection of metronomes. I was absolutely convinced that they kept breaking, one after another. I had [...]

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Choosing Repertoire

It is important to consider carefully which works you choose to study because more often than not, they stay with us throughout our entire lives. Our repertoire can shape [...]

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Give Your Fingers Lungs!

In masterclasses and lessons I have come across passages that the student simply does not play musically. Even with repeated attempts to convey the shape and phrasing [...]

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Slow Practice

In my lessons with  students I find myself repeating a few core ideas many times. Perhaps one of the most common suggestions I make to students is to... slow [...]

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