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Hi, I’m Simon Powis. Classical Guitar Corner offers a podcast, articles, method books, in-person events, and a world-renowned online Academy. Over the past twelve years I have helped thousands of musicians just like you improve their playing and enjoy exploring the world of music. Welcome to CGC.

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Simon Powis is the rare combination of a virtuoso guitarist and a thoughtful, forward thinking pedagogue.

Ben Verdery, Yale School of Music

Although he has performed, taught and given master classes all over the world, the talented and personable guitarist is perhaps most widely known these days for his highly regarded online classical guitar pedagogy: Classical Guitar Corner.

Classical Guitar Magazine

Originally from Australia, New York–based guitarist Simon Powis has built his online school into one of the most widely respected sites of its kind.

Acoustic Guitar Magazine

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The Cornerstone Method Books

The Cornerstone Method : Grade 1

A comprehensive method for the beginner classical guitarist.

20 Practice Routines

Twenty progressive practice routines that provide structure for your practice. Used in the Cornerstone Method

Graded Solos

Progressive solo repertoire from beginner to advanced. Used in the Cornerstone Method

Graded Duets

Progressive duets from beginner to advanced. Used in the Cornerstone Method

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We provide all the learning resources you need inside the Academy. Sheet music, technical routines, theory lessons, ensemble scores and backing tracks. Everything you need, in one place.

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With a clear pathway laid out in front, you will be able to focus your time and energy. Free from decision fatigue and focused on material that is at your level, you can make real progress.

Solid Technique

Once you establish a strong foundation with your technique you become free to express your musicality. You will find comprehensive and consistent technical training in the Academy.

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Finding this site has been one of the great joys in my life.

Barry , CGC Member

I’ve seen a lot of change in guitar pedagogy in my life and I think that the clarity of your teaching as well as your expert use of technology provides enormous value to guitar students at all levels.

Lou, CGC Member

I am now 56 years young and it took a lot of trial and error trying to learn on my own and jumping from one you tube channel to the next without any clear path for progression until I came upon Classical Guitar Corner!

Chris, CGC Member

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