Dionisio Aguado


Dionisio Aguado (1784 – 1849) was a Spanish composer and guitarist. While Aguado was born in Madrid, he spent the majority of his career living and working in Paris. He lived for a time with the great Spanish composer Fernando Sor, and Sor wrote a duet in honor of their friendship (Les Deux Amis). 

Aguado left a lasting legacy on guitar pedagogy in the form of his two methods and his many easier pieces for amateurs and beginners. After completing his first method, Escuela de Guitarra, in 1825, he revised it in a second publication called Nuevo Método in 1834. In his method he describes many elements of guitar technique and learning that have become foundational for classical guitar pedagogy. He even invented a device to hold the guitar that has been inspirational for today’s guitar supports.

The Spanish composer’s most important and substantial works are the 3 Rondos (Op. 2). These are virtuosic works that require a great deal from the performer. Equally, the Le Menuet Affandango (Op. 15) and Fandango Varié (Op. 16) are substantial works for the concert guitarist.

He also wrote many other short and simpler pieces, some for the amateur and the beginner. These include a series of minuets, waltzes, contredanses, and other small pieces.

Dionisio Aguado (1784 – 1849) Sheet Music

Sheet Music


Méthode Complète (PDF download)

Nuevo Método (PDF download)

6 Waltzes:

6 Waltzes (PDF download)

12 Waltzes, Op. 1:

12 Waltzes, Op. 1 (PDF download)

3 Rondos, Op. 2:

3 Rondos, Op. 2 (PDF download)

8 Petites Pieces, Op. 3

8 Petites Pieces, Op. 3 (PDF download)

6 Petite Pieces, Op. 4:

6 Petite Pieces, Op. 4 (PDF download)

4 Valses Faciles, Op. 7:

4 Valses Faciles, Op. 7 (PDF download)

Contredanses et Valses, Op. 8:

Contredanses et Valses, Op. 8 (PDF download)

Exercices Faciles, Op. 10:

Exercices Faciles, Op. 10 (PDF download)

Les Favorites: 8 Contredanses, Op. 11:

Les Favorites: 8 Contredanses, Op. 11 (PDF download)

10 Contredanses, Op. 11b:

10 Contredanses, Op. 11b (PDF download)

6 Menuets et Valses, Op. 12:

6 Menuets et Valses, Op. 12 (PDF download)

Morceaux Agréables, Op. 13:

Morceaux Agréables, Op. 13 (PDF download)

Repertoire de la Amateur: Contredanses, Menuets, et Valses, Op. 13a:

Repertoire de la Amateur: Contredanses, Menuets, et Valses, Op. 13a (PDF download)

10 Petite Pieces, Op. 14:

10 Petite Pieces, Op. 14 (PDF download)

Menuet Affandango, Op. 15:

Menuet Affandango, Op. 15 (PDF download)

Le Fandango Varié, Op. 16:

Le Fandango Varié, Op. 16 (PDF download)