Fernando Sor


Fernando Sor (1778 – 1839) was a Spanish composer and guitarist. Sor was one of the greatest virtuoso guitarists of his time, but he has left a much more lasting legacy as a composer than performer for the instrument. 

While he was born in and lived his early life in Spain, Sor eventually settled in Paris, like other fellow compatriots. It was in Paris that he became a teacher and where he composed most of his studies, especially the beginner studies in Op. 60, Op. 35, and Op. 31. 

His most important works include his Method for the Guitar (1830), Variations on a Theme of Mozart (Op.9), and his more than one hundred studies for students at all levels. One of his last most important works is a series of progressive studies for the complete beginner, “Introduction to the Study of the Guitar: 25 Progressive Lessons,” Op.60.