Miguel Llobet


Miguel Llobet Solés (1878 – 1938) was a Spanish composer, arranger, and guitarist. A student of the great Francisco Tárrega, Llobet became a virtuoso on the instrument and began performing outside Spain and eventually throughout Europe and the Americas. While touring in Argentina he met Maria Luisa Anido, who became Llobet’s student and an important guitarist and composer herself. 

Llobet is most known for his many arrangements, including popular Catalan folk songs, the piano works of Spanish composers Isaac Albéniz and Enrique Granados, and popular Argentinian folk songs. He also wrote many original compositions, the most important being the Variaciones sobre un Tema de Sor.

Several historical recordings of the composer still exist and a CD was published by Chanterelle with ten tracks (including three duets with Maria Luisa Anido). 

Miguel Llobet (1878 – 1938) Sheet Music