Progressive Sight Reading for Classical Guitar




Learn to sight-read with a comprehensive new book.

The key to improving your sight-reading is plenty of material at a suitable level and regular practice. You will find a wealth of useful sight-reading material in this book and it will make it easy to incorporate into your regular practice.

This book offers a progressive set of sight-reading lessons from beginner to advanced (Grades 1 through 8). It is a substantial book at 175 pages and it will provide you with a large amount of material to use in your practice sessions. You will find fingerboard knowledge, rhythm, harmony, and musicianship are all developed throughout the sixty-two progressive lessons.

There are four main sections in the book:

  • Concepts
  • Rhythms
  • Progressive Lessons
  • Fingerboard Challenges

The six main concepts outlined at the beginning of the book will help you navigate sight-reading with confidence. Each concept is explored throughout the book with plenty of examples, melodies, and repertoire to practice.

Each grade offers rhythms to master so that you can recognize important rhythmic patterns that will come up in the lessons.

Progressive Lessons
Progressive lessons take you from very basic Grade 2 material in first position and guide you through important and common keys and positions. By the end of the book you will be challenged with actual repertoire examples that have been hand picked for sight-reading practice. Each lesson contains repeated components that focus on playing in position, musicality, harmony, and you will also find nearly one hundred famous melodies to enjoy.

Fingerboard Challenges
Finally, at the end of the book you will find an entire collection of famous melodies that can be played in multiple positions on the guitar. These fingerboard challenges will provide you with hours and hours of practice material.

After researching sight-reading for my doctoral thesis over a decade ago I am excited to offer this practical and enjoyable resource to the guitar community. The structure of the book follows along with the Classical Guitar Corner Academy curriculum but it can be used alone for students and teachers who want a collection of curated sight-reading material at their fingertips.

A note for the sake of clarity.

Sightreading is the ability to play music upon “first sight” and that is the focus of this book. However, sometimes people use this term more generally to talk about reading standard notation. This book will not provide the fundamentals of standard notation (i.e. where the notes belong on a music staff), if you are interested in learning how to read standard notation, you will want to look at the Cornerstone Method for Classical Guitar Grade 1.