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Naming your guitar

I don't know about you, but I have a tendency to name all of my guitars. After spending so much time with them it just doesn't feel right not to call them by a first [...]

L312 Phrasing 3: Thinking Horizontally

Thinking horizontally is something that doesn’t come very naturally to guitarists. But working on horizontal phrasing is the key to playing long beautiful melodies. First let me clarify what I mean by the term ‘horizontal’. [...]

L303 Left Hand Preparation

Left hand preparation improves legato playing and will help to make rhythms smooth and exact. If you have ever had a chance to watch a master guitarist’s hands close up, you may have noticed that [...]


Harmonics are great, no two ways about it. They exist at nodal points on the guitar and sound like little diamonds sparkling from the instrument. They often capture the imagination of the audience leaving them [...]

Chords 2: Inversions

For some reason, classical guitarists, more than any other genre of guitar, think of chords in root position. Root position means that the root note (or tonic) of the chord is the lowest pitch of [...]

The Barre

The barre is a tricky technique to master in the beginner stages. Patience and perseverance will get you a long way, and know that you will be able to play barres if you give it [...]


Extensions The ol’ one finger per fret rule is well and good for a while but soon enough you will find yourself stretching out for that extra fret. An extension is simply when a left [...]

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