Freida by Adrian Sergovich on Classical Guitar

The video above is a performance from Simon Powis of Freida by Adrian Sergovich on classical guitar. This is the first time we have collaborated directly with a composer to publish a score and performance. So we’re excited to bring you some brand new music written by such a fantastic contemporary composer.

Here’s some info about the composer :

Adrian Sergovich (born May 13,1987) is an award-winning composer, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist who resides in Sydney, Australia. Originally hailing from Melbourne, Adrian began teaching himself guitar at the age of 15.

After completing his musical studies at Monash University in 2011, Adrian discovered a passion for marrying composition to the screen. This passion immediately flourished into a career that has seen him compose and creatively direct music for film, television, theme parks, fashion shows, and commercials around the globe.

And here are some notes from Sergovich about Freida:

This piece effortlessly unfurled after playing the first bar during a moment of nostalgia. Although not directly inspired by its namesake, it felt right to gift this piece to her. It is a playful memory for someone who has not yet lived.

Some dynamics and expression markings have been suggested throughout, but I welcome you to explore the rise and fall of the melody to guide your own interpretation. Express the melody as delicately or boldly as you desire, while taking care to balance the inner voices. During mm. 24 – 28, the piece meanders into introspection. Embrace this passage, and celebrate its rediscovery of purpose and direction. Why you are reading this is completely due to Simon Powis, for whom I am deeply grateful. I hope the pleasure of playing this piece matches the joy I found in its creation.

– Best, Adrian Sergovich

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The score for Freida is available at CGC Publishing.

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