How to trill on guitar

A trill is an ornament that is often used to accentuate a note or simply to add some variety on a repetition. Trills are very common in the baroque period (music of Bach, Scarlatti and [...]

Your first melody!

I use this for many beginners, it is especially great for little kids because they love working on melodies that they recognize. For complete beginners I ask that they play the melody only [...]

On Making Mistakes

Wouldn’t life be boring if everything were perfect?   I am not going to waste my time preaching that making mistakes is OK and that too many classical musicians are obsessed with perfection. Honestly, I [...]

Right Hand Arpeggios – Part 2

Right Hand Arpeggios 2   In right hand arpeggios 1 for the classical guitar, we looked at playing an arpeggio going from low to high strings with the right hand fingering p – i – [...]

Right Hand Arpeggios

Now that you have learned the right hand position for the classical guitar, lets put it to use.   To start off with, lets set up our fingers into the default position with the P [...]