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Drop D Tuning Tips

Drop D tuning is probably the most common type of re-tuning you are going to come across on the guitar, but there are many other ways to re-tune the open strings (this is called scordatura) [...]

Member Spotlight: Rick Lord

In this month's Classical Guitar Corner Academy Member Spotlight we're featuring member Rick Lord. Rick has been a member at CGC Academy for almost exactly a year! Rick is an exceptionally gifted player and his [...]

Inspiration: Listening to Kevin Gallagher

For this month's bit of inspiration we'll be taking a listen to one of our new CGC Academy Faculty members, Kevin Gallagher, playing a beloved piece from the classical guitar repertoire (even though it was [...]

Inspiration: Listening to Connie Sheu

No matter what our level of playing ability, we all need inspiration. I remember when I first heard Segovia play J. S. Bach's legendary "Chaconne" and how it inspired me not only to want to [...]

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