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    Thanks for chiming in, Roger.

    There are blue boxes for each course that say “take this course” you need to click this button to start a course.


  • For whatever reason we always want things we can’t have. The classical guitar excels in producing soft, dulcet tones. So, therefore what do players want to do? Play loud and fast!

    I have dealt with the topic o […]

    • Dear Simon,

      That was very useful. Thank you. Coincidentally, I just came across an article focused on some studies by Aguado. If I understood correctly, Aguado sometimes asks us to play very fast with one finger at a time, i, for example. Is this a recognized way to improve speed and synchronization?


    • Simon

      When I took private lessons, my teacher had all his students work from The Virtuoso Guitarist by Matt Palmer. I wasn’t ready for it at the time and gave up on it. Your posting inspired me to take it off my bookshelf and give it another try.

      Thank you for sharing your knowlege and insight.


    • Hi Simon,

      Thanks for putting all the elements of gaining speed together in one post.
      my favourite in your article is the section about breathing and relaxation.
      For some time already i try to apply these elements in a more relaxed approach that allows me to concentrate more on listening to the music i play.

      thanks again


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    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the ideas, they are always welcome.

    Perhaps you could join us for the live session tomorrow? It is a great way to put your playing “to the test” and get some feedback.


  • Well, the bad news is that my computer died yesterday, but the good news is I have a laptop so we can still have our live session!

    Please note the 5pm start time for this (that is New York Time)

    You are welcome to perform and receive feedback on pieces you are working on or simply ask questions about guitar related issues.

    For any new members…[Read more]

  • Hey Jimmy,

    Thanks for chiming in on the forum. I think I may have sent you these in the past… but in case I didn’t:


  • Welcome, Amjad.

    Great to have you here


  • Hi Dave,

    I know I have had my fair share of these. In some respects, not all but some, when you have a bad practice day it can indicate something very positive.

    If you are completely satisfied with what your doing, the sound you are producing, your memory recall etc. then there is little room there for improvement. When you are not satisfied…[Read more]

  • Hi Julie,

    Yes, I intend to do a podcast on these topics so that I can offer sound examples but right now I am living in a very noisy house with musicians, babies, cats and dogs!

  • Interpretation of classical guitar music is what makes the difference between a mechanical rendition vs. a musical one. But what does that mean, Musical?
    Musicality is largely an understanding of musical syntax. […]

    • This is really good to think about – so often we are soending most of out time on just hitting the right nites! I’m struggling with exercises involving suspensions currently, and had not heard an explanation of why the suspension was louder than the resolution – makes sense. I still find I dont notice them if there are ornaments in between the suspension and resolutuon though! Would really enjoy more articles like this, perhaps even with sound bite demonstrations

      • Hi Julie,

        Yes, I intend to do a podcast on these topics so that I can offer sound examples but right now I am living in a very noisy house with musicians, babies, cats and dogs!

    • Great stuff Simon! This is timely with the repertoire I am working on now.

    • Thanks, Simon. This is very helpful. I really enjoy these posts from you. Your topics address the very things I’m working on and thinking about. See you next month!

    • Thank you, Simon. This is well written, easy to understand, and removes a lot of mystery from the concept of “musicality”. Helps me begin to answer the question – now that I am playing the notes, what can I do to improve this piece?

    • Much food for thought! Thanks for your efforts to keep me musical

    • Hi Simon,
      Extremely useful practical tips….
      I would welcome more of these…
      Thank you.


    • Hi Simon,

      Definitely a very useful post. Thank you!


    • Thank you. Good food for thought. I would also like more if this.
      I plan on thinking about refingering more after learning a piece to add some change and to help to get more use to playing at different areas of the fret board.

    • Really enjoyed the post. It helps me tremendously to see the music written out (I am a reader so I struggle sometimes with the visual lessons as there is a voice crying out somewhere to let me see the music!) I have been studying so far with teachers that are almost obsessive with timing, and I understand the purpose, but the idea of phrasing and ideas and breathing is new and just wonderful to put into practice.

    • Hi Simon, excellent post, very interesting and useful.
      Definitely interpretation is what we need to transform a music sheet into a piece of music.

    • Thanks, Simon, for presenting this. As a beginning classical guitar player but an experienced musician, I can confirm that info such as this is the reason I am a member of CGC. It is possible to find instruction on notes and technique, but very few teachers also include what it takes to play with expression and musicality. This marks CGC and your instruction as very high quality, a rare combination for any program, live or online! Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you Simon, this is a very interesting subject. When working on a piece, I try to listen to my “inner voice” to come up with an interpretation I like, but I often end up with nothing much satisfying. During my practices this week, I experimented with some of the notions you covered here and found that it is literally inspiring, especially the different possibilities to introduce variations in the repeats. This kind of topics feeds the inner voice, expands the limits of the “play ground”!

    • Excellent summary. I have been working on some simple scores so that musicality has a chance of being expressed.
      The mistake of students solely playing or learning “aspirational pieces” does not allow for musical expression as note finding and technical issues become overwhelming .

    • Hi Simon,

      I read this article now for the 2e time with attention
      We devote hours months years of practicing and it cannot be said enough that the pleasure in the music starts with the most simple melodies played musically.


  • Great to see everyone on Sunday. In this session we went rather in-depth with Devisee Prelude in D minor, Julia Florida by Barrios, and the Petzold Minuet.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am on the road for concerts right now, but I have secured a quiet spot with wifi for our next online session.

    4pm on Sunday, New York Time.

    If you would like to play a piece please write it below, if you have any questions or exercises for which you would like feedback please join in too.
    Members just wanting to watch are…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your hard work, Ken. Sounds great, I look forward to going through the submission thoroughly.


  • Sounds great Lissa, I love that you are committing to the variations you have put in.

    A couple of things:

    Check your rhythm when you get the 8th notes, while they sound quite good they are a bit lop sided rhythmically.

    When cutting the sound to play the rest, you can do it with a smaller movement of the right hand, perhaps use the left side of…[Read more]

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    Hi John,

    I agree with Julie in that vocalization can only go so far with 1 e and a etc. It is good for slower rhythms, and especially for working out rhythms, but when it gets fast or repetitive you can use ti-ki-ti-ki or pi-ki-ta-ka or any range of vocal/syllabic type things.

    For an interesting example of fast vocalizations have a goole for…[Read more]

  • Hi Sadru,

    It seems like you just did create a new topic!

    There are different sections, just choose the one that suits your post:

    Classical Guitar Forum

  • Dear members, I am excited to release a new course that I think will be both enjoyable and useful.

    After reading all of your responses in the forum regarding a “wish list” for upcoming materials I tried to find a way to incorporate improvisation into the curriculum while still keeping it relevant and in line with the other courses.

    What I have…[Read more]

  • I was asked to join in on a panel discussion with Ben Verdery, Joao from the Brazil duo and Thomas Flippin from duo Noire.

    I guess the Assads didn’t want to talk before they played. It was a range of topics and if there is a recording I will let you know.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am part of a pre-concert talk tonight for the Assad Brothers, so I am going through some recordings.

    I found this one of Rameau’s Les Cyclopes and I just had to share. Exhilarating and definitely inspiring!

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