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BenVerderySimon Powis is the rare combination of a virtuoso guitarist and a thoughtful, forward thinking pedagogue. – Ben Verdery, Yale University.

huff-postSimon displayed outstanding sensitivity and a musical maturity that was worthy of any professional concert platform. – Huffington Post

Thank you for joining me on this site, I know it will be a great resource for you.

In a nutshell…

Classical Guitar Corner will provide you with a structured way to learn the classical guitar.

There are a number of resources out on the internet, but I find most of them overwhelming because it is hard to know where to start. In this site, I have divided up my curriculum into Five Levels

Fundamentals – Level 1 -Level 2 – Level 3- Level 4

The fundamentals start right at the very beginning and the Level 4 materials are suitable for advanced players and university students. Levels 1, 2 and 3 bridge that gap with a steady path to reaching your goal.

There are well over 100 free lessons on the site and there are several video courses for you to take which are comprehensive, structured, and a lot of fun! In addition to these courses I have written several books to accompany each level and give you a focused set of materials to study. If you would like to know more about me, have a read of my story.

Video Courses:

If you are really serious about making some progress, take one of these video courses. They are comprehensive and take you through technical and musical concepts one step at a time. Each course corresponds to the other Level materials through the site, and they join up together to make a path for your study.

  • The Beginner Package is the best option if you are starting out with classical guitar, it is comprehensive and saves you a lot of money!
  • Fundamentals of the classical guitar: If you have just picked up the guitar and are starting from the very beginning.
  • Notation & Sight Reading – Level 1: This course starts at the beginning of reading music and will take you all the way to reading your first pieces in Level 1. By taking this course you will be completely prepared to tackle all of the Level 1 repertoire and take the Level 1 Technique & Musicianship Course.
  • Technique & Musicianship – Level 1: Focusing on core techniques of the classical guitar, this course will set up your technique correctly from the very beginning. It follows a logic progression and pushes you while not jumping around so that you get frustrated. The techniques you will learn in this course cover all you need to know for the Level 1 Repertoire Book and the Level 1 Technical Routines.
  • Technique & Musicianship – Level 2: Picking up where Level 1 left off, we are now going to look at advancing techniques that get you out of first position and deal with more complex repertoire.

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Free Lessons:

My initial goal with Classical Guitar Corner was to help people. I want to share the information that I have been so fortunate to receive. So, my complete curriculum is available in written lessons. Here are some of the most popular lessons on the site:

Technique and Repertoire Books

To accompany the video courses and to give you some structured practice I have written a number of books that are available on the site. There are several types. Repertoire, Technical Routines, Repertoire Workbooks and the almighty Scale book!