These are 5 tips that will help you improve your performance. These 5 things are not difficult to implement, and they don’t have to do with guitar playing. Instead, they help you curate the before and after of a performance. They can also bring some positive attitude that will enrich your playing in front of an audience.

Take a Pause

First, take a pause. It’s easy to have an eagerness either to rush into a piece of music or to end too abruptly. Instead, take a breath, a moment. This can be a time when we relax some of the performance anxiety. It can be a time to simply relax the body. Or it can be a time to think about the music (such as the tempo) before you begin.


The next tip is tuning. A virtuosic piece that is played beautifully but is out of tune will sound pretty terrible. Tuning is a skill that must be practiced like any skill. Here’s a tip: intentionally get your guitar out of tune and then begin tuning to one string. Go here for a comprehensive guide on how to tune by ear, how to tune with an electronic tuner, and much more.

What to say

Do you know what you’re going to say before your performance? It’s common to introduce your piece or pieces before you play. But if you haven’t thought about what you’re going to say, what you do say can adversely affect your performance. Taking the time to prepare what you say ahead of time can help with performance anxiety and can also have an emotional impact on the listener during your performance.

Be prepared

Think through the different steps you need to take before and during your performance. Do you have your music ready? Is your mic setup (if you’re playing online)? Is your guitar in tune? Have you thought about what you’ll say? All of these can have a big impact.

Be Kind to yourself

We can often be very self-critical. But if you’re negative either before, during, or even after your performance it can take away from your performance. But your perception of yourself is often wildly different from an audience member’s perception. So be kind to yourself.


If you have other things you want to share that helped you with getting ready for a performance, share them in the comments below. We are eager to read about your experience.