Left Hand Technique

Fixed Fingers – Guitar Exercise

Finger independence is important. It helps with speed, accuracy and control, all very integral to making music. To work on our finger independence this exercise, called Fixed Fingers, takes three fingers and locks them in [...]

How to trill on guitar

A trill is an ornament that is often used to accentuate a note or simply to add some variety on a repetition. Trills are very common in the baroque period (music of Bach, Scarlatti and [...]

Left Hand Warmup

This set of fingerings is a great template to use with left hand warm up exercises. I say template because there are tons of ways you can add extra difficulty and variation to them. Rhythm, [...]

Left hand stretch on the guitar

This nifty left hand exercise stretches the left hand fingers as you creep down the fingerboard from the twelfth fret to the first.  The stretch gets further apart as you descend downwards and contrary to [...]

Buzzing Scales

Its possible to forget sometimes just how easy it is to hold down a guitar string. When our left hand is required to do many complex movements and move rapidly in synchronization with the right [...]

How to do a slur

Slurs are an integral part of classical guitar technique. They offer a source of musical expression and they also have many technical advantages that can make difficult passages of music flow with more ease. Slurs [...]