CGC 037 : Joshia de Jonge – Luthier

//CGC 037 : Joshia de Jonge – Luthier

CGC 037 : Joshia de Jonge – Luthier

Joshia de Jonge is a Canadian luthier who comes from a family of builders and has been building guitars since she was thirteen! In our conversation we discuss her experiences as a builder, her background and get into details of french polish and construction techniques.

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  1. ivan November 4, 2016 at 2:19 pm - Reply

    As a proud owner and dealer of her really superb guitar, it is safe to say her build quality is the best i have ever seen. Her work is soooo clean and full attention to the smallest detail, even better than many bigname guitars like Dominique Field, Jean Noel Rohe, and other luthiers with more than 10 years waitlist.
    The timbre is of course can not be the same with traditional Spanish guitar, but still very flexible with lots of color between tasto and ponticello.

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