I would be happy to hear Marcin Dylla play anything. He is a musician that can combine convincing ideas with exceptional execution. I find that when we come across rare musicians such as Dylla that it is not the music we find beguiling but rather the person from which it is flowing.

As I sat down and listened to his approach and appreciation to music I was unsurprised to find an eloquence and depth of expression that matches his playing. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did, and if you feel like doing a fellow guitarist a favor… pass it on.



Marcin’s Website

Marcin’s YouTube Channel



Peteris Vasks – Violin Concerto


Pawel Mykietyn – Piano Concerto Mvt 1

Elliot Carter – Shard

Performed by David Starobin


As Marcin Suggested… you might need to crack a bottle of wine to get through the last one:

Anton Bruckner -Symphony No 8 in C minor
Munich Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Sergiu Celibidache