Richard Charlton is one of Australia’s leading guitarists/composers. (Though he was originally born in the UK, he has been an Aussie since about the age of seven.) In this podcast Simon discusses many of Richard’s works for guitar, guitar ensemble, and more—several of which are featured listening here—but also what it’s like to compose for the guitar, and they even have a bit of a discussion about the Sacred Kingfisher bird! Please enjoy this wonderful conversation with Richard.

Featured works by Richard Charlton in this podcast:

  1. A Short Walk in the Rainforest (solo)
  2. Kingfisher (solo; from Kingfisher Dances)
  3. Déjà Vu (ensemble; from Three Distractions)
  4. Sky for Dreaming (ensemble; from Capricorn Skies)
  5. Reverie (solo)

Please check out more about Richard at his website:

and at Australian Music Centre: