Andrew York is one of today’s most recognized and accomplished composers for the classical guitar and he is an internationally renowned concert performer. York is one of the founding members of the LA Guitar Quartet, with whom he received a Grammy award. He also received Grammy awards for his own compositions that appeared on Grammy-winning albums Play by Jason Vieaux and Journey to the New World by Sharon Isbin. He has recorded numerous albums of his own works, the most recent of which is Yamour, which was chosen as one of Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s  “Essential Recordings of 2012.” Many masters of the guitars have recorded and performed Andrew’s works and his compositions have been published by numerous respected presses. Andrew is not only a classical performer but is an accomplished jazz guitarist and published a book of jazz guitar instruction for classical guitarists aptly named Jazz Guitar for Classical Cats (in 3 volumes).

Andrew is also passionate about mathematics and he has not only written compositions around mathematical themes, such as his recent “Equations of Beauty,” a suite in six movements each focusing on a different mathematical theme, but he has also written blog posts about math on his website.