In this episode of the CGC Podcast, Simon sits down for an interview with one of the newest members of the CGC Faculty, Connie Sheu. Dr. Connie Sheu is the General Manager for the Guitar Foundation of America and teaches at the Pasadena Conservatory of Music and Moreno Valley College. She is also a member of the Sheu-Pettit Duo, who regularly perform throughout the US. Connie is also one of the teachers of Classical Guitar Corner Academy’s newest “Office Hours” initiative. Simon and Connie talk about Office Hours, her duo, playing cello, and much more in this great conversation!

Featured recordings:

Sheu-Pettit Duo: Ida Presti, “Etude no. 1.” Here’s the full video of this recording:

Connie Sheu: Emilia Giuliani, “Prelude no. 1”

This Emilia Giuliani piece appears on Connie’s masterful CD The Woman’s Voice, which features original music for guitar by female composers. It is a remarkable recording you should definitely check out!

Find out more about Connie at her website.