June is usually a time for the CGC Community to gather for our international Annual Summer School. Unfortunately, however, we have had to cancel the Summer School for the past three years. But this year, we really wanted to have a chance to connect in person with one another. So we began planning for our CGC New York Summer Guitar Workshop.

New York Summer Workshop 2022

The Workshop took place over the course of two and a half days in New York City. We were joined by 15 musicians from all over the US for a concert, ensemble playing, workshops and lectures, and time to just hang out together. We were honored to bring in guest artist and CGC Family member Ben Verdery to play a concert and teach a workshop for the group as well.

One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity to play music together in ensemble. Niki Todesco and Dave Belcher from the CGC Team each led the ensemble in learning a brand new piece of music that we were able to perform together at the end of the event. Niki and Dave also performed a couple of duets from our Graded Repertoire book together in concert. And team members James, Niki, and Dave all played a trio together for the participants. 

It was a ton of fun and we’re happy to share some photos of the event with you below.