One of the key components of the Classical Guitar Corner Summer School is playing with other musicians. In that vein, each year participants play in the large orchestra (made up of around 60 guitarists) and also in a small ensemble (of up to around 12 guitarists). Participants don’t see the music they will perform until the first day of practice and they are expected to perform in both small ensemble and orchestra by the end of the week! This year we had some fantastic small ensemble performances. We present them to you here for your viewing pleasure!

Janet Agostino, director

Bentley, Contemplation

Giuliani, Andantino


Dave Belcher, director

de Monchaux, Songtuno

Tisserand, Valse des Magiciennes


Raffaele Agostino, director

Levesque, arr., Dark Eyes

Levesque, arr., Wild Mountain Thyme


Colin Davin, director

Trad. Brazilian, Cancao

Granados, arr. Sparks, Intermezzo from Goyescas


Berta Rojas, director

Satie, Gnossienne 1

A. York, Brajamazil