I write to you on the evening of day 4 at the CGC Summer School and all of the participants are upstairs celebrating with a wine or two, congratulating the courageous performers in the two open-mic performances we just had. The camaraderie and support of the audience combined with the courage and artistry of each performer combines to make a very moving experience.

It is difficult to convey what being at the CGC Summer School is like because it is quite a unique event. There is music, camaraderie, courageous performances, displays of artistry, meals together, social evenings, ensemble music, lessons, and workshops. To be sure there are other events that have elements that I listed but there is something profoundly moving and emotional about this gathering of people that I have not experienced elsewhere.

Before I wax too poetic I would like to invite you to the final performance of the CGC Summer School which will be live streamed on Youtube at 7:30pm EST Friday 16th of June 2023.

In this performance you will get to see five large ensembles perform various works that they have been working on for the last five days and the final spectacle of around 70 guitarists playing together on stage.

Join us and cheer on your fellow musicians on the youtube channel here at 7:30pm EST Friday 16th of June 2023:


Here are some of the shots from the open mic. More to come!