At the CGC Summer School 2019 we were treated to a wonderful lecture on the music of Antonio Lauro by one of the foremost ambassadors of our instrument, Maestra Berta Rojas. Berta talked a lot about the rhythms of the Venezuelan waltz and the native instruments, like the Cuatro. In the spirit of what we all learned from Maestra Berta, here is a wonderful video from Mexican guitarist Pablo Garibay joined by friends and guests Iván Rísquez Valdepeña (playing Cuatro) and Juan Martínez (playing maracas) performing Antonio Lauro’s “Seis por derecho: Joropo al estilo del arpa venezolana.” Incidentally, Iván Rísquez Valdepeña is also the luthier of the beautiful instrument Garibay is playing in this video. Enjoy, and be inspired!