In June at our Annual CGC Summer School we undertook a rather special project that brought together our guitarists, cellist Dr. Jacques Lee Wood, and Maestra Janet Agostino.

Janet is currently undertaking a Ph.D at New South Wales University in Sydney Australia and her focus is on arranging for guitar ensemble. We put our heads together and decided to plan for a collaboration.

Janet decided to make an arrangement for the stunning Concerto in D by Alessandro Marcelo. This piece, which was originally for Oboe and orchestra makes a wonderful transition into this setting for Cello and guitar Orchestra.

The guitarists only had five days to bring this piece together and it was astounding to watch their commitment and focus during the process.

It was a truly special project to undertake at this year’s Summer School and I think everyone who was involved can feel very proud.

The CGC Summer School will be running again in 2020, stay in touch on the email list to get notified first.