In this new series we will be featuring achievements of various members at the Classical Guitar Corner Academy.

In this first installment of Classical Guitar Corner Academy Member Spotlight we’d like to introduce a lovely performance by member Andrew Duxfield. Andrew (Liverpool, UK) has been playing guitar for many years but he has only recently begun playing classical guitar. He’s been a member at CGC Academy for a bit over a year now. The video below is from Andrew’s first ever public classical guitar performance, given at the lovely Williamson Gallery in Birkenhead for Liverpool Classical Guitar Society’s Showcase Concert.

“Capricho Catalán” is the fifth of six movements of Isaac Albéniz‘s “España” (Op. 165, first published in 1890). These short salon pieces form almost a sort of Spanish dance suite, with an opening prelude and four Spanish dances that follow (a la old Baroque dance suites). Though the “Capricho Catalán” has the tempo marking “Allegretto” it is unlike the more virtuosic capriccios of the nineteenth century and the primary dynamic marking throughout is “piano.” However, it does maintain its dance-like character with the bass ostinato that recurs throughout.