We are always pleased when we get the chance to share with you what our members at CGC Academy are up to. At the end of last year our members wrapped up a long project called “The Composer of the Month Club” in which various members would take turns hosting conversations on different composers. The last of these conversations focused on women composers and we had some wonderful submissions of performances from members of many women composers for guitar. One of those performances was offered by one of our longtime members, Drew Burgess.

Drew, who is a teacher and wonderful visual artist, has been a member at CGC Academy for over four years now and has been involved in almost everything we’ve done, from our first Summer School to our coaching calls and all the live sessions and Grade Exam Submissions (and subsequent Summer Schools) in between. In fact, Roger Ramirez interviewed Drew for the very first CGC Academy Member’s Podcast. So it brings me great joy to share with you Drew’s fantastic performance of Maria Linnemann’s “Murmures.” We hope you enjoy!

You can view Drew’s visual art here.