Member Spotlight: Erica Greene

Over at CGC Academy it’s Exams month. We open up Grade Exam Submissions twice a year for our members who would like to get feedback on how they’re progressing in the Grades curriculum and to know whether it’s okay to move on to the more difficult material ahead in the next grade. Last submission period in the Spring we had a record number 120+ submissions! We’re expecting a packed number of submissions again this time around.

But we are always so delighted to see each member’s submission, which represents a substantial amount of time, effort, and courage. So I’m also happy to be able to share with you some of these efforts. Here is a fantastic recording from one of our Academy members, Erica Greene, performing the set piece for Grade 2, Giuliani’s Etude no. 1. We hope you enjoy! And please do congratulate Erica in the comments for all of her hard work and accomplishment!