I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to name all of my guitars. After spending so much time with them it just doesn’t feel right not to call them by a first name. I do it so much that now Evita will refer to my guitars by their names rather than by any other factor. I know of some famous guitarists that named their guitars. B.B. King comes to mind. All of his guitars are name Lucille I believe. Personally I prefer to take into account where the guitar came from and the character of its looks and sounds.

Naming your guitar


So, here are my instruments:

Valentina (an Italian classical guitar from Napoli – incidentally she is for sale right now…)

Laura (my Australian lattice braced Sheridan guitar – this is the one you have seen in the videos)

Amelia (my beat up classical that I had as a student)

Missy (the latest member of the family, a chocolate brown mahogany steel string)

Little B (my mandolin)

And, well actually I do have an electric without a name. She was from my teenage years when I had long hair and dreams of playing too fast. I will have to think about that one…


What are some of your guitar’s names? Tell us in the comments below.