Prelude in Dm by de Visée Lesson

In this video Simon offers a one-hour lesson on the Prelude in Dm by Robert de Visée. This comes from an episode of The CGC Show on our YouTube Channel.

Go here to download a free PDF of the score in either TAB or standard notation.

This short but beautiful prelude gives us a polyphonic texture with multiple overlapping voices. But I like it so much because it opens up so many possibilities for musical interpretation. In this lesson I explore various ideas for shaping your personal interpretation.

We might intentionally repeat a finger on the opening line, for instance. This gives us a consistency of tone before the second voice enters.

Likewise we can use rubato to phrase each vocal line. We walk through different ways to do this throughout the lesson. I hope you enjoy it!

Prelude in Dm Score Walkthrough

In the lesson below, Simon walks you through the score of the prelude focusing on phrasing, ornamentation, and more.

Prelude in Dm by de Visée Performance

Please enjoy a performance of this short, but wonderful piece of music.


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Prelude in Dm by de Visée Study Guide

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This baroque prelude contains a wonderfully compact world of voices, imitation, sequences and intricate phrasing. I hope you will join me in discovering all of the fascinating aspects of this small prelude. Apart from the pedagogical use, it is also a stunning little piece of repertoire that will serve you for a long time to come.

Prelude in Dm by Visée Study Guide