I am so, so thrilled with the comments and emails that I have been getting recently. I feel like I am offering some inspiration to people and I feel so grateful that I get the chance to do that. I have been thinking about that word, inspiration, and when it comes down to it, that is the main goal of my efforts online. To inspire. So, I think from now on, the tagline for this site will be “be inspired”. For the most part it will be a focusing of efforts for me, so that I keep sight of what I want to achieve with my writing and materials, but it call also be a call to action for all of you, to find your inspiration and run with it.

I was so happy to work with a group of young guitarists who came to New York ALLL the way from Brisbane Australia. It was a group of thirteen high school boys, lead by Angelina Ellis. She has done an amazing job with these kids as they were well rehearsed, enthused and kept up with the manic pace that I set for our session. If you have ever worked with me in a lesson or workshop you will know that the more excited I get the faster my pace gets!

We worked on a great arrangement of “America” from West Side Story, and also an original piece by Angelina. “America” is a great example of the hemiola, a group of three set against a group of two. I want to live in a mer-I-ca … know it? That hemiola is often what gives south american music its de-stabilized dance feel. It just makes you want to move. In South America it is called the Sesquialtera.

This coming Monday I will be attending a recital by my student, Zeke. He is an amazing student because he is so dedicated and he does everything I ask of him! This is a rare occurrence, and it makes me realize what a responsibility I have in teaching him. I am excited for his recital and I know he will be great.

Hmm, what else.

Well I have been invited to do a solo concert in New York this October, which I am super excited about. I will give you more details later, as I am not sure the series has been announced yet. I am now planning what to play. I get so excited about preparing recitals that I think about all of these new pieces I have been dying to work on, then I have to reign myself in and say… October is really not that far away…

And, of course, I launched the Level 2 Technique and Musicianship course this week. It was a mammoth effort, and because I had offered pre-sales to existing members I had a deadline to meet. I met the deadline with seven minutes to spare, wanted to celebrate with a beer… then realized I had to teach my 14 year old student in 30 minutes. So I drank a beer in my imagination.

Big news on the horizon is that I am planning on starting a podcast! It will be focused on teaching and learning and I already have some amazing guests lined up. If you have any topics you would like addressed, or questions for master guitarists, please let me know!