Feelin Slurry?

Here are some slur scales that I came up with that really give a good work out to the left hand and also are quite fun to play!

You will notice that the scale takes on a pattern (except in first position) that can be repeated. Once you have completed one slur scale, shift the pattern up one fret and repeat the process. Be careful not to wear your hand out because slurs can be very tiring on those weenie left hand muscles and tendons. If you only want to do a few light repetitions you can start the patterns higher up the fretboard, around the seventh fret, as it will be easier than playing down in first position.

Focus on making a clean, crisp slur with a consistent snapping motion. After a while you will find that these scales start to flow nicely, at that point go and impress your girlfriend/boyfriend/attentive pet with your snappy slurry scales.

If you have some scales or exercises you like to do, let me know and we can share it with everyone.

Have fun!


Click on the image to see a larger copy.

an extension of the first shape…

a new pattern, you may recognize me from such books as “every scale book ever written

These scales and many many more can be found in The Classical Guitar Scale Book