Villa-Lobos Prelude 4 arpeggios section is beautiful, but it is often something that quickly gets out of control. We’ll focus on different elements in isolation to help you regain control and get the most out of this classic passage.

Villa-Lobos Prelude 4 Arpeggios

Right-hand arpeggios range from simple to quite complex but they have a rich sound and are found in much beloved classical guitar music. Because of their frequency throughout the classical guitar repertoire, it’s important to use different techniques in isolation to develop this all-important right-hand technique:
  • Right-hand preparation
  • Speed development
  • Left-hand shifting
  • Dynamics
  • Evenness of tone and volume
  • …and more

We’ll walk through some of these elements together in this arpeggios lesson. Here we use an excerpt from Villa-Lobos Prelude No.4 to develop each in isolation.


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