What Guitar is that?

In this video I’ll answer one of the most common questions I get on our YouTube channel: What guitar is that? We’ll take a look at the guitar I’ve used for the last thirteen years as well as my new guitar.

Paul Sheridan

For the last thirteen years I’ve been playing a guitar by Paul Sheridan, a luthier from Perth in Western Australia. Paul makes big powerful instruments that have a sweet, silky tone. They feature a lattice bracing. Other guitarists who play Sheridans would be Stephanie Jones, a young Australian virtuoso, and also our very own Dave Belcher.

The Sheridan guitars are almost all 640mm in scale length. It’s a tiny bit easier to play as a result. Sheridans also have soundports that provide feedback to the player so you can hear yourself better.

Gary Lee

Recently I’ve purchased a new instrument made by luthier Gary Lee. Gary is based in New Jersey and I’ve known him for many years. He had a guitar on display at the GFA, so I purchased it. Gary’s instruments are played by a number of great guitarists, including Fred Hand and Ben Verdery.

A unique feature of Gary’s instruments is they have an allen-key system on the neck where you can adjust the action. Gary’s guitars are double-top instruments. This one has cedar with a spruce on top (and balsa wood sandwiched between them).

What I love about this instrument is that it is exceptionally well-made, but also it sounds different.


Different instruments serve different purposes, and I use each of these guitars to different ends. At the end of the day, though, the right instrument is the one you just don’t want to stop playing. And I haven’t put this guitar down for the last several months.

In the video above I play the same piece on each instrument so you can hear the difference.


But hopefully that answers your question about what guitars I play in my videos. Let me know in the comments what guitar you play.