Classical Guitar Summer Down Under

For the past two weeks Simon and Niki have been teaching and performing at two different classical guitar Summer Schools down under. For week 1, they were at the Sydney Classical Guitar Summer School. And today they’ve just wrapped up the Taranaki Classical Guitar Summer School. In this article we’ll look at what’s involved in these summer schools and give you a taste of what to expect from the CGC Summer School, coming up in June.

Sydney Classical Guitar Summer School

The above video (featuring Simon and Niki and the other tutors) is from this year’s (not 2023’s!) Summer School in Sydney. Each year for more than 25 years, Raffaele and Janet Agostino (of Duo Agostino) and Richard Charlton have organized and run this wonderful school. It is one of the most important educational opportunities around the world. The school features lectures, ensemble and orchestra playing, lessons, workshops, socializing, and concerts. It is a jam-packed week of amazing music-making and camaraderie.

At the SCGSS, Simon and Niki both performed concerts, led ensembles, and Niki helped conduct the guitar orchestra. Niki has been running and conducting the New York City Guitar Orchestra over the last year and so has gained quite the experience and reputation for her ensemble skills! In addition, CGC sponsors one student each year to learn to teach, and that was a joy for Simon to work with the scholarship recipient at this year’s summer school.


Taranaki Classical Guitar Summer School

As soon as the Sydney Summer School ended, Simon and Niki made a short, three-hour flight to New Plymouth, New Zealand. The Taranaki Classical Guitar Summer School is run there by John Couch and Dominique Blatti and has been a successful educational opportunity in Australasia every two years since 2012. This year’s summer school saw many wonderful guest artists, including Niki and Simon. Both Niki and Simon played full concerts and taught workshops, masterclasses, and assisted with ensembles.

Simon taught a workshop on sight reading, after releasing his new book on Progressive Sight Reading. And Niki taught a workshop on extended techniques on the classical guitar titled, “Is this Music or Noise?” Simon reported that Niki’s concert (which featured solo classical guitar pieces, but also solo pieces for guitar and voice composed by Niki) was a smashing success.


CGC 2024 Summer School

And as you may know, we also host a Summer School each year, near Boston in the USA. This has become a popular destination for both CGC Academy members and non-members from around the world since it first started running in 2017. At both the above Summer Schools Niki and Simon have been joined by members of CGC Academy, and it’s been a real treat to have them present.

We are so pleased to be able to host yet another Summer School from June 7 to 13, 2024. Our own Summer School was modeled on the great work of Raff and Janet Agostino at the Sydney school and we are so grateful to them for their wisdom and insight. While the main list has filled up already, we do have a waiting list open in case anyone has to drop out. So if you’re interested in joining us for a super fun week, sign up for the waiting list today! Learn more about the CGC 2024 Summer School here.


CGC Academy Members with Niki and Simon at the 2024 Taranaki Classical Guitar Summer School


But you don’t have to wait for a Summer School to get started learning classical guitar! Learn more about how you can become a member at Classical Guitar Corner Academy today to take your learning to the next level. Join today!