The Classical Guitar Corner Podcast is back! After a break we are excited to bring you a new episode of The CGC Podcast with Simon Powis.

CGC Graded Duets for Classical Guitar

This episode features a conversation about Graded Duets for Classical Guitar, a new course at CGC Academy. This is a course produced by CGC Team members Nicoletta “Niki” Todesco and Dave Belcher along with contributions from Simon and other contemporary composers Mark Houghton, Richard Charlton, and Marcelo Coronel.

The inspiration for the course is our Graded Duets for Classical Guitar book. The book has 45 duets for Grades 1-8. So naturally we decided to incorporate the duets into our graded curriculum at CGC Academy.

This first installment of our two-part duet course features 18 lessons for Grades 1-4 (beginner to intermediate). Each lesson has a video lesson, performance video, audio backing tracks, and sheet music download.

In addition to preparing all of the lessons and recording audio backing tracks for the Academy, Niki and Dave recorded performance videos of the duets at Yale University in Summer of 2022. You can view many of those on our YouTube channel.


At the end of the episode we are featuring a new section of the podcast: Simon will be answering your questions! If you’d like Simon to answer your question on the next podcast, you can record your voicemail here: