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Live Group Classes and Presentations

Live Seminars:

Players: Those interested in performing please sign up in advance on the forum (just write your name and what piece you are going to play)

Listeners: you are very welcome to watch and ask questions if you like, no need to play or even use video.


Here is what you can expect, a replay of a live seminar:

Looking forward to seeing you all!



About the live sessions

CGC Live Events bring our community together in a wonderful way, here are some instructions so that you can join in.
Before you even read ahead I want to answer a hesitation that everyone seems to have… 

If you are uncomfortable being on camera in the group or playing in front of others, that is totally ok! You can simply turn off your video feed and watch passively. You can even send in chat comments if you like. Point is, you are very welcome and you can use your camera/audio at your own discretion. No pressure at all. I guarantee you that the buzz from seeing me and others will be a great motivation to study and practice.

Software Download

To partake in the session you will need to download software from Zoom. It is a small program, very similar to Skype and can be used on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Download the program here:

Performance Seminars

  • The aim of these sessions is to allow people to practice their pieces in a live setting. It is a great way to test out your performance in front of a supportive and like minded group while also getting the adrenaline rush of a live performance!
  • There will be six available performance slots of ten minutes each. Performance slots are on a first come first serve basis and you can sign up in the Live Events Forum
  • If you would like to audit passively you can. You can even turn of your video feed if you wish to relax and just watch.
  • I will offer some feedback to people who play and if time permits we can talk about some related technique.

Q&A Sessions

  • If you would like to ask a question please select the “raise my hand” option so that I can un-mute you.
  • Please be aware that your video will start automatically when you enter the meeting, you will have the ability to turn it off if you would like.
  • The aim of this session is to answer any questions you might have from the courses, or any other classical guitar related questions.
  • The session will be scheduled to run for 1.5 hours but if we run out of questions I will cut it off earlier.

*Recording and Replays*

Please note the session will be recorded and re-played for other members on the site. If you are not comfortable with having your image on the recording, please either make sure you turn off your camera or you can decide not to partake.

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